Spain Visa Consultancy Services

Spain Visa Consultancy Services

Spain, being a member of the EU and known for its advanced economy and tourist attractions, attracts a lot of interest. Individuals traveling from Turkey to Spain are required to obtain a visa. Visa procedures vary depending on the purpose of travel and duration of stay. Errors made during these procedures can lead to issues such as visa rejection.

Our company has been providing Spain visa consultancy services since 2009. We ensure smooth handling of all processes, including visa applications, extensions, residence permit acquisition, and citizenship rights for individuals traveling to or already residing in Spain, with our professional team.

You can rely on our company to ensure smooth Spain visa procedures. This includes preparing your documents accurately and expediting the visa application appointment process. With meticulously prepared documents, you can receive a positive response to your Spain visa application and plan your travels comfortably.

Our professional consultancy services extend beyond visa applications. We also assist with obtaining residence and work permits, as well as transitioning to citizenship, helping you establish your new life in Spain.

Spain Visa Types

Spain follows a unique policy regarding visa types, which are granted based on the purpose of the visit. Individuals traveling to Spain must stay within the scope of their visas and engage in activities accordingly. Our experienced team provides consultancy services on Spain visa types and how to obtain them, ensuring that you can obtain a visa tailored to your purpose. Spain visa types include:

– Tourist visa

– Business visa

– Student visa

– Family visit visa

– Work visa

– Transit visa

– Seafarer visa

– Family reunification visa

– Conference visa

– Spain national visa (Type D)

How to Apply for a Spain Visa

Individuals traveling to Spain realize that visa procedures involve detailed preparation. Depending on the type of visa, applicants need to prepare numerous documents. Our consultancy services guide individuals through the visa application process, clarifying confusion about document requirements and procedures. Applicants researching how to apply for a Spain visa should be aware of their passport’s validity. The passport should have been obtained within the last 10 years and have a validity period of at least 3 months and 15 days remaining. Additionally, the passport should have at least two blank pages.

To obtain a Spain visa, applicants must apply to the embassy or nearest consulate. After scheduling a visa appointment, applicants must prepare the required documents before the scheduled interview. Our experienced team can assist with scheduling visa appointments and preparing necessary documents tailored to the visa type, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Documents Required During Spain Visa Application

People of all ages and professions aspire to travel to Spain. The goals and visa types vary among those traveling to the country. Alongside this, required documents during Spain visa application include:

– Passport

– Signed visa application form

– Copy of identification

– Travel details such as flight tickets and accommodation

– Invitation letters for family and friends visits

– Bank account details

– Work permits for those intending to work

Our Spain visa consultancy services ensure a smooth and timely process for traveling to this country. If you have questions such as how to obtain a Spain visa or how to migrate to Spain, feel free to contact us. We provide consultancy services to schedule your visa appointment and ensure the accurate preparation of documents for a successful application.

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