How to Apply for a Spain Business Visa

Turkish citizens need to apply for a visa at the Spanish Consulate to travel to Spain for business activities. Individuals wishing to obtain a business visa to travel to Spain for business purposes (such as attending congresses, fairs, training, seminars, etc.) or to participate in or contribute to a business organization must be approved by their company. The additional documents required for a Spain business visa depend on the applicant’s professional status and include information about the company they own or work for.

If you plan to travel to Spain for professional purposes, do not forget to include the invitation letter from the company you will temporarily be involved with in Spain in your application file. If you are applying for a Spanish visa as an employee of a company, in addition to the invitation letter, you need to include a document clearly stating why you need to travel abroad in your Spain visa application file.

If you are a business owner, you must include a letter on the company’s letterhead, signed and stamped, detailing the dates of leave for the personnel traveling to Spain and stating that the personnel will continue to work in Turkey. If you are the company owner, write a letter to the Spanish Consulate on your company’s letterhead specifying your travel purpose and dates; this letter must be signed and stamped and included in the visa application file.

With a Spain business visa, you cannot directly visit another Schengen country without first entering Spain. Remember that your journey must start in Spain and that you must stay there the longest. If you plan to visit other Schengen countries while traveling to Spain for business purposes, we recommend including the reservation details of these countries in your application file.

The Spanish Consulate may request an interview with individuals applying for a Spain business visa if deemed necessary. A representative from Spain Bcn Consulting will accompany you during the interview process and provide necessary information. If you process your Spain business visa application through our agency, our company is not responsible for any negative outcomes of the interview.

The Spain business visa request letter should be addressed to the Spanish Consulate or the Spanish Embassy. If you are an employee, do not forget to include in your application file a letter on company letterhead with the signature of your supervisor, stating that you will continue to work for the company and your position in Turkey.

You need to sign your visa request letter to the Spanish Consulate. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after the date you leave Spain. Dear visitors, please remember to include two biometric photos taken according to Schengen standards in your Spain business visa application file.

Making payments for accommodation and transportation before your Spain business visa application is approved may extend the visa acquisition process or cause problems before your travel. Our agency is not responsible for non-refundable payments for transportation and accommodation unless additionally requested by the Spanish Consulate.

If you are traveling to Spain, we recommend starting your Spain visa applications one month in advance. There is a risk that visas for individuals with less than two weeks left before their travel date may not be ready in time for their travel.

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