Extension of stay for studies in Spain

Extension of stay for studies in Spain

Extension of stay for studies in Spain

If you are a non-European student on a stay for studies in Spain and you want to request its extension, we help you to do so.

How can I request the extension?

Study visas can be extended throughout the duration of the studies. For example, if you are studying the first year of a master’s degree, you must start preparing your request for an extension for the second year one month before the end of your current residence permit.

What requirements do I need to meet?

The requirements that you must meet will be the same as those from the initial authorization. We must prove that the conditions for the stay are met by providing updated documentation.

Will I be able to work during the extension of my stay for studies?

Yes, but you must prove that it is an activity compatible with your studies and that the income obtained is not necessary for your support. Adult relatives of the student will not be able to work.

Can I go from a stay for studies to a residence and work authorization as an employee or self-employed?

When you have been in a study stay situation for 3 years, you can request a modification of your authorization to that of a residence and work visa. Be careful because these modifications must be requested before your current permit expires. The requirements will depend on which of the two types of residence and work visas you wish to apply for.

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