Family Reunification

Reagrupación familiar – Family Reunification

Family Reunification

Applying for the residence permit of close relatives of non-Europeans living in Spain

What is family reunification visa and who can request it?

Non-European citizens who have been legally resident in Spain for more than a year and have obtained a residence permit for at least another year, have health coverage and sufficient means and have no criminal record, may apply for a family reunification visa.

Which relatives can be reunited?

The spouse or de facto partner and minor children can be regrouped. Disabled children of legal age and children who solely belong to the regrouped couple may also be regrouped in the event that the latter has full custody of the minor or exercises their parental authority alone.

What requirements must I meet?

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, it will be necessary to request a housing suitability report from the town council of the municipality of residence for the resident in Spain, through which it will be demonstrated to the Immigration Office that they have adequate housing to reside in with the regrouped relatives.

How long does the process take?

Family reunification takes a few months, as it is first necessary to gather the required documents, including the housing report (which can take a while), and then wait for the answer to the family reunification application from the Immigration Office.

What happens once we obtain a favourable resolution?

Once a favourable resolution to our request has been obtained, the spouse and regrouped descendants may go to the Spanish consulate in their region with the necessary documents to apply for their visa.

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