Spain Immigration Visa

Spain Immigration Visa

Spain, being an EU member with its advanced economy, has become a favorite destination for individuals looking to migrate to a new country. Many people living in Turkey also wish to migrate to Spain and live there. Obtaining a work permit in Spain is the first step to be taken in order to live in this country. The first thing to do to obtain a work and residence permit in Spain is to find a job in a company located in this country and sign an employment contract. After finding a job, your employer needs to apply to the Foreign Affairs Office to initiate the permission process.

During this process, Turkish citizens also need to obtain a long-term D type visa from the Spanish embassy. With this visa, they can go to Spain and obtain permission to work there. This permission is extended for five more years to continue working in Spain. At the end of this period, another five-year extension is obtained. It is possible for individuals who have been living and working in Spain with a work and residence permit for ten years to obtain citizenship.


How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Spain?

Obtaining a residence permit is a requirement to start living in Spain. After obtaining a residence permit, it is possible to enter the country by obtaining a visa. To obtain a residence permit in Spain, you need to meet at least one of the following conditions:

– Establishing a business in Spain as an entrepreneur

– Finding a job in a company in Spain

– Settling through family reunification if you have relatives in Spain

– Starting education at an educational institution in the country for educational purposes

– Purchasing real estate in Spain worth at least €500,000

Spain Immigration Visa | How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Spain?
Spain Immigration Visa | How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Spain?

Spain Work Permit

To settle and work in Spain, it is necessary to obtain a work permit and a residence permit. The work permit in this country is granted for different durations depending on the application and the job the person will be working in. Even if you find a job in Spain, obtaining a permanent residence permit immediately is not possible. Initially, there are two types of work permits you can obtain. The first one is the Type A seasonal worker permit, which is valid for nine months. The second type of work permit, Type B, is granted for working in a specific region for one year.

The third type of work permit, Type B, allows the renewal of the permit and enables the person to stay in the country for two years and participate in various activities. Type C allows the person to stay and work in the country for five years. To obtain a permanent work permit, this permit needs to be renewed every five years.

Work and residence permits are not canceled as long as the person complies with the country’s laws. To avoid problems while obtaining a work permit in Spain and starting the necessary procedures to live in this country, you can benefit from the consultancy services provided by our company.

Settling in Spain as a Refugee

It is possible to settle in Spain as a refugee, but certain conditions apply. Refugees who face situations such as war, vital danger, violence, or social exclusion in their home country are granted the right to settle in Spain as refugees. If you are facing one of these situations, you can apply to the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate. Spain carries out its refugee programs in secrecy to protect the rights of those settling in the country.

If you cannot find a healthy and peaceful living environment in Turkey and want to seek refuge in Spain, you can benefit from this opportunity offered by the country. While obtaining residence and work permits in the country requires payment of fees, refugees settling in Spain are not required to pay any fees. You can contact our company to get information about the documents that need to be prepared during the immigration application process. Our company provides consultancy services for obtaining immigration, residence, and work permits, as well as creating appointments and providing consultancy services during your stay in Spain.

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