Spain Student Visa Through BCN Consulting

The Spain student visa is processed through visa consulting firms and agencies authorized by the Spanish Consulate. Obtaining a Spain student visa through BCN Consulting is one of the easiest and fastest ways. Below are the steps to follow when deciding to obtain your Spain student visa through BCN Consulting.

When you decide to apply for a student visa for Spain with BCN Consulting, you first contact our Spain visa experts either by phone or by visiting our offices for information exchange. During the meeting, when you provide your personal, professional information, and the dates you want to travel, the most suitable type of visa for you is determined, and the mandatory document checklist to prepare for this visa is shared with you via email or SMS.

In the next step, you need to complete the documents given in the list and compile them into a file. It is crucial that all documents on the list are prepared fully and accurately to avoid visa rejection. You can deliver your documents compiled into a file to our BCN Consulting Spain visa department either in person or via courier.

After your documents reach our experts, they are checked, and you are informed in case of any deficiencies or errors. If there are any missing or incorrect documents, they need to be corrected and sent back to us. If there are no deficiencies, your approval for the visa appointment will be obtained.

If you have not previously provided fingerprints for the visa, you need to schedule an appointment at the nearest visa application center to register this biometric information. Our BCN Consulting consultants will make the visa appointment on your behalf and accompany you on the day/time of the appointment. If you fail to be present at the center on the designated day and time, the process will not be carried out, and you will need to schedule a new appointment.

The next step after providing fingerprint evidence is the processing of the visa. The student visa for Spain is typically processed within a range of 15 to 30 working days. Special circumstances related to the consulate (public holidays, workload, additional document requests, etc.) may affect this period. Therefore, we recommend starting the application process at least 1 month before.

When your Spain student visa process is completed through BCN Consulting, you can either personally collect your passport from our offices or request it to be delivered to you via courier. Visa decisions are entirely up to the consulates; BCN Consulting has no influence. There is no refund of fees in case of visa rejection.

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