Documents Required for a Student Visa for Spain up to 90 Days

Documents Required for a Student Visa for Spain up to 90 Days:

  1. Visa application form: A fully completed and signed application form. Signatures of minor applicants must be signed by both parents. Even if one parent is considered a legal guardian, the other parent’s signature is also required. Unsigned forms are invalid.
  2. Visa request letter: A letter written in Spanish or English explaining the purpose of your travel.
  3. Passport: A passport that is not older than 10 years, valid for at least 3 months from the travel date, and has at least 2 blank pages for the visa.
  4. Photos: Two biometric photos without glasses, with a white background, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, not older than three months.
  5. ID copy: A copy of the applicant’s ID card.
  6. Enrollment certificate: A document showing the weekly class hours and the start and end dates of the courses from the educational institution.
  7. Bank receipt: A stamped and signed initial receipt from the bank and a letter from the school confirming that all educational expenses have been paid. The bank receipt must include the student’s name.
  8. Erasmus Agreement: Those who want to participate in Erasmus programs must submit an “Agreement” signed by the sending institution and the applicant. If a grant is received, the amount of the grant should be shown in an official letter from the sending institution. (Must be in Spanish or English). The application invitation letter should not be made without a letter from the sending institution and an agreement.
  9. EU program support letter: A letter showing that the person applying for a visa is supported under an EU program, for example, a letter from the Turkish National Agency (EU Education and Youth Programs Center) or TÜBİTAK. If a grant is received, the amount of the grant should be stated in an official letter. (Must be in English or Spanish).
  10. Flight or other transportation reservation: Round-trip information and passenger name for the planned trip, including flight or other transportation reservations. Flight reservations must include a PNR code. It should show whether the person has left Turkey. Reservations for other modes of transport, such as bus or train, must include relevant details such as vehicle plates and transfer documents. Group transitions require the driver’s license and vehicle details. For charter flights, a travel agency charter contract must be provided. Email or screenshot is not accepted. (Must be in English or Spanish).
  11. Hotel or accommodation reservation: A confirmed document including the name of the hotel, campus, house covering the entire duration of the trip and the names of all passengers. If traveling to other Schengen countries, accommodation information should also be presented in the same way. Spain should be the country where you will stay the longest during your trip. Email or screenshot is not accepted. (Must be in English or Spanish).
  12. Travel health insurance: A policy covering all medical expenses during the trip, including outpatient and inpatient treatment, and repatriation in the event of death, with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. (Must be in English or Spanish).
  13. Residence certificate: The residence certificate of the applicant (including babies and children) must be presented, taking into account the applicant’s age. Only the original document obtained from the local authority or a barcoded document from the e-government account is acceptable. Foreign applicants must also provide it. Application without residence certificate is prohibited.
  14. Population registry copy: The original document from the e-government or population directorate must be provided.
  15. Parental consent: If applicants under the age of 18 are traveling alone or without both parents (with only one parent or a third person), a notarized consent letter is required. Even if traveling with a legal guardian, consent from the other parent is necessary. The applicant’s file must include valid visa copies and hotel and flight reservations of the accompanying parent or person. The consent letter should include the names and ID numbers of the travel companions. It should also state that they are traveling to Spain. For school trips, the names and ID numbers of the teachers accompanying the student group must be included. Valid visa copies of teachers not applying must be attached to the file. If visiting a Spanish institution, the institution’s name must be mentioned in the consent letter.
  16. Student certificate: University students can obtain a barcoded student certificate only through e-government. Non-working students must have a sponsor to apply. (Only parents or spouse can be sponsors; other sponsors are not accepted). The sponsor’s letter should be written in English or Spanish.
  17. Employer letter: A letter on company letterhead, signed and stamped by the employer of the applicant or sponsor, indicating the travel dates. The dates in the letter should match the flight and hotel reservations. The letter should be typed, not handwritten.
  18. Employment entry declaration: A barcoded employment entry document from SGK for the applicant or sponsor, showing the workplace address in cities linked to the Istanbul Consulate General. If the main office is outside these cities, an explanatory company letter must be provided. (Must be in English or Spanish).
  19. SGK service statement: A comprehensive statement with a barcoded version from the e-government showing the last week’s records for the applicant or sponsor. Non-barcoded documents are not accepted. (Company owners and employees must also provide this).
  20. Payroll: The last three months’ payroll, signed and stamped, for the applicant or sponsor. Wet signatures and stamps are not required for payrolls of those who have held a Schengen visa within the last three years.
  21. Activity certificate: The original or electronically signed document showing that the applicant’s or sponsor’s workplace is registered with industrial, commercial, or professional chambers. Lawyers and their employees must also present their bar registration.
  22. Official gazette: A photocopy of the official gazette showing the applicant’s or sponsor’s workplace. If you are a business owner, show the page where you are listed as a partner.
  23. Signature circular: The first page showing the applicant’s or sponsor’s workplace name and the signatures of those signing the business documents during the application. This can be a copy.
  24. Tax certificate: A current document showing the tax status of the applicant or sponsor. The barcode section must be visible.
  25. For retirees: If the sponsor is retired, a bank statement of the last three months from the bank where the pension is deposited, on the bank’s letterhead, signed and stamped, and must be obtained within the last 15 days. A copy of the retiree card showing retirement status from the e-government should be provided.
  26. For farmers: If the sponsor is a farmer, the original farmer certificate issued by the agricultural chamber to which they belong must be provided.
  27. Bank account: Company accounts are not accepted; only Turkish banks. A statement on the bank’s letterhead with a wet signature and stamp for the last three months must be provided. Bank passbook statements will not be accepted. The statement must be dated no more than thirty days from the application date. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. Credit card statements are not accepted for covering travel expenses.
  28. Additional financial status: If requested by the applicant, other documents showing financial status, such as vehicle registration, title deed, etc., can be added to the file. A4 size copies of these documents must be taken.
  29. Residence permit: Foreigners can obtain a work or residence permit. Foreign applicants must provide copies of their residence or work permit documents. These documents must be valid for three months from the travel date and remain valid throughout the travel.

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