BCN Consulting is a multilingual, transparent, and experienced consultancy company specializing in providing services to foreigners residing in Spain or relocating to Spain. We will help you in all aspects of starting a new life, from managing your residence and work permit to processing your business paperwork.

We also provide consultancy services to residents who want to expand their business in Spain, buy or sell a property or need help with their work and residence permits.

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Purchase of real estate
• Golden Visa
• Moving to Spain
• Home management
• Incorporation of companies and obtaining licenses
• Housing in Spain
• Establishment of foreign companies and opening of branches
• Residence and work permits
• Life and family accommodation
• Spanish nationality applications

Our Featured Services

We process permits for the whole family

We submit first applications for residence and work authorizations, as well as renewals.

Consulting services for companies

We incorporate your company and help with all the subsequent steps

Setting up self-employed activity and accounting services

Sign up as a freelancer with us and leave your accounting and tax filing in very good hands.

Sworn translations

Our services include the sworn translation of all the necessary documentation.

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Resolutions on applications for residence permits submitted to the Immigration Office in Spain usually take about
three months. Investor applications (Golden Visa, etc.) are resolved through another channel and get answered
within a month’s time.

In order to renew this type of authorization, you must maintain the investment which gave the right to it. Staying in
Spain is not mandatory.

In order to renew this type of authorization, you must stay in Spain for at least 183 days per year. If you stay for less
time, there is the risk of not being able to renew your authorization.

There are four types of “Arraigo” procedures. Some require two years of continuous residence in Spain, while others
require three.

You must not stay outside of Spain for more than 6 months per year or more than one year for 5 years.

It is possible to modify this type of authorization and obtain a work permit as an employee or self-employed as the
holder of an initial or renewed non-lucrative authorization.


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