Homologation Of University Bachelor’s Or Master’s Degrees In Spain

homologation of university bachelor’s or master’s degrees in spain

Homologation Of University Bachelor’s Or Master’s Degrees In Spain

By homologating a foreign degree to a Spanish degree, you will be able to access regulated professions that require it.

Please note that the homologation process is slow and takes from 9 months to 2 years. European university degrees are the fastest to be homologated, whereas it is degrees in Medicine that usually take the longest. For this reason, the sooner you start preparing for the process, the better.

First, you will have to submit a list of required documents, which, at a later stage of the process, the administration may ask you to expand.

You should start by preparing such documents. Make sure that they are duly authenticated and have them translated by a Spanish sworn translator.

The authority responsible for this procedure is the Ministry of Universities, based in Madrid.

Some autonomous communities are responsible for the validation of non-university studies of their residents. However, master’s degrees and doctorates that give access to regulated professions such as medicine and dentistry must always be homologated through the Ministry of Universities.

Please contact us if you need help with your homologation request. We will provide you with personalized support for preparing and submitting the university documents required to homologate your degree.

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